Samples (Single Tap Highlight Extension)

Submitted by polymonyrks on 2022/08/05(Fri) - 15:16

A sample (trial version) of the Single Tap Highlight Extension (video below; app store here) is available.

Sample pages


Concurrent computing (Original)

Tap strategy example
  • Tap "Concurrent", and "computing" (page title)
  • Tap "parallel" to distinguish from concurrent.
  • Tap "process". Yellow words are hint words.
  •  ...
  • Tap "serial" and "sequential" (Distinguishing Concepts)

Latin (language) (Original)

Tap strategy example
  • Tap "Latin" (page title)
  • Tap "language". Yellow words are hint words.
  • Tap "18" for 18th. The number will be highlighted exhaustively
  •  ...
  • Tap "Old" under "Old Latin" and "Classical" under "Classical Latin", continued below


How to use (basic)

 ・Press the lower left button to start the application, and the button will turn blue(It takes a little time, but the full version is much faster.).

 ・Tap the word you are interested in in the text. The word will be highlighted automatically.

 ・For more detailed explanation, click here.

How to use (tap strategy)

While it is straightforward to color-code the concepts you want to distinguish ("concurrent" for concurrent calculations, "parallel" for parallel calculations, etc.), we recommend

 (1) Paragraph title words
 (2) Yellow (hint words)
 (3) Numbers
 (4) Characters ("Tom," ",Nancy" etc.)

Most of the time, you will automatically get the straightforward way.



With the commercial version, you can highlight and read every page on the Internet like this.

Experience for yourself the new reading style that high-speed multicolor highlighting brings.

Video file