Single Tap Highlight Ext - PPL (Options)

Submitted by polymonyrks on 2022/07/07(Thu) - 18:05

Single Tap Highlight Ext (PPL) can specify several options.

1. How to enter the option setting.

(It is located on the last screen of the activation procedure.)

1.1 iPhone, iPad


1.2 Mac




2.Option Setting

There are many options, but the most important one is Tap Style.
If you prefer the operation method of the old version (semi-automatic highlight), please select Double.
The following settings become the same as the old version.
After making your selection, press the "save" button.
If you do not press the "save" button, the changes will not be reflected.


Changing the tap style automatically selects recommended settings for the options that follow. These can also be fine-tuned manually. Let's look at these below.

Note that the options page should appear in a separate tab of your browser. We recommend that you do not close it and change options as needed.


2.1 Coloring

Coloring(Character) changes the character color itself, not the background.




2.2 KeepStyle

KeepStyle(No(Monochrome)) turns off web page decorations. It removes bold text and coloring.



2.3 Underline

Underline(Link) will remove the underline in the link section.



2.4 Link Transit

If set to No, link transition by double-tap is disabled. To transit a link, press the lower left button to display the underline, and then single-tap link transitions are enabled.


2.5 Hint

If you set it to No, it disables the hint (yellow), and if you turn off KeepStyle, Underline, and Hint at the same time, the whole thing will be in black and white, which is calming.



2.6 Memorization Toggle

When activated, a mode for memorization is provided. When you press the lower left button, there will be three buttons that appear, the top one is the one at the top.

Pressing the button toggles between with and without marker fill.



2.7 Auto Start

You can enable automatic activation on specific pages. URLs are determined by forward matching.