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We produce software that looks like a toy but is actually very functional.
Currently, we are focusing on semi-automatic coloring reading.

Semi-automatic coloring reading will change the quality of visibility to the text. It goes from a point to a surface. It reduces the burden of grasping concepts and allows you to focus on creative activities beyond that.

We are developing this technology with the desire to see what happens when this technology becomes widely used.




To expand the possibilities of all things.


Visualize concepts effectively and support creative activities beyond concept grasping.
Semi-automatic coloring of all documents


Playfulness and spaciousness are valued as they are the source of creativity and possibility.
Fulfill the social role of agile development by taking advantage of a select few.
Do not blindly accept the majority, but actively give to the few when they make sense.
The dissemination of technology is a top priority, but must be balanced with sustainable development.





Taichi Ishikawa

After graduating from Kyoto University, Faculty of Law, Department of Physics, Nagoya University, and Graduate School of Engineering (Nuclear Engineering), he worked for a semiconductor parts manufacturer (Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.) in Nagano, Japan, engaging in development (process development), intellectual property (liaison, technical contracts, general patent searches, etc.), and equipment development (inspection algorithm development using image processing). After leaving the company, in January 2022, he became independent as Functional Toy Manufacturing with the aim of spreading semi-automatic coloring reading.




Single Tap Highlight Extension (Safari Extension)

A Safari extension (iPhone, iPad) utilizing the same technology was released in March 2022.

Click here.

withAr5iv (Safari, Chrome extension)

arXiv is a site where papers are submitted before peer review. arXiv basically submits papers in PDF format, but an experimental service called ar5iv has appeared that delivers converted papers in html5 format. This makes it possible to read arXiv papers in large font even on a smartphone. However, to access ar5iv, you need to slightly modify the address of each PDF on arXiv with your keyboard, which is time-consuming.

WithAr5iv is a browser extension that automatically generates a link to ar5iv for each arXiv post. This makes it possible to use ar5iv without the need for a keyboard.

It can be used in combination with the single tap highlight extension. Please try reading ar5iv articles with coloring.


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