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This website was created to promote new software-enhanced reading strategies.

Single Tap Highlight Ext.

One example is the "Single Tap Highlighting" technology. By simply tapping on a word in a sentence, the same word is automatically changed to the same background color.


Easy Highlight with a Tap

Video file

At first glance, this technology looks trivial, but it is surprisingly new. For example, it is not implemented as a standard feature in web browsers. This is because it requires elaborate technical preparations (patent pending, Patent Application 2022-021675 and Patent Application 2022-110074, both before publication.). When you search some terms by highlighting, this requires keyboard input (interrupting your concentration from reading) or is limited to a single word.


Keyboard (left) v.s. Tap Highlight (right)

Video file

The key is just tap once the word in the sentence. It is extremely simple, but therefore has a wide range of applications. In one example, it allows you to read a text with a bird's eye view to spare, but there may be many other unknown uses.

Functional Toy Manufacturing has a browser extension (semi-automatic highlight (to be renamed "Single Tap Highlight Ext")) that realizes the above. It is available for almost every page (text) on the Internet.

We promise you a new reading experience.


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